Committed to You

red tractor brand products are for health conscious consumers.

We provide a variety of wholesome meat products directly from family farms to customers. Our feature brand, red tractor, is your assurance of quality product. 

red tractor products begin with quality animals. In order for our beef and bison animals to reach red tractor qualifications, they must be raised in stress-free, outdoor environments, with access to plenty of feed and clean water. These animals have never been fed hormones or medicated feeds, nor have they been fed any feeds containing other animal parts.

Animals are taken directly from farm to slaughter at a government inspected facility.

We take every precaution to limit animal stress by avoiding transporting animals vast distances or mixing them with unfamiliar animals before slaughter. All red tractor products are processed at a government inspected licensed cutting facility. red tractor products are MSG and gluten free and do not contain fillers or binders. We use sea salt in processing our cooked meat products, such as pepperoni, jerky, garlic sausage, smokies, bacon, etc.